page2-img_newblueWho is The Parish Group?

For over 25 years, we have worked only with small, private colleges, offering direct experience in all aspects of your campaign, understanding of the needs of higher education institutions, and the solutions that work for your individual school.

The Parish Group is a private, independently owned company. We don’t answer to shareholders or a printing company or a marketing conglomerate. What drives us is our passion for your success. Our personalized approach makes The Parish Group unique. We are frequently on campus throughout the year, taking photos and immersing ourselves in your campus culture. We meet your students, faculty, and staff directly, and we create bonds with them.

We’re Focused on Your Needs and What We Can Do – Together

We partner with each client-partner as an extension of their admissions and marketing offices, creating a give-and-take relationship that depends both on our knowledge of the industry and your knowledge of your students. We create customized campaigns based on your unique qualities and needs, and work with you as the campaign unfolds, ensuring that our results bring the outcomes you seek.

We understand that we cannot provide the best service without understanding your unique needs. That’s why we come into our relationships with a blank slate. The Parish Group works like no other company to discover your unique identifiers and highlight them in such a way as to encourage students to come to your campus.

Each college and university has a unique identity, and it’s our job to help you share those features with prospective students around the nation. You should be proud of what makes your school special. We help you take that pride and translate it into a verbal and visual campaign.

Passion. Personality. Relationships. That is what The Parish Group has used to bring success to our clients for over 25 years. These are the techniques you have used to develop relationships with your students. We use those same techniques to create lasting relationships with you. That’s why at The Parish Group we say, together we do BIG things.

You Benefit from our Intimate Business Model

Over the past 25 years, we have developed an intimate business model. And we have stayed true to this model for a reason. We aren’t a giant, corporate marketing firm that is going to see your private school as merely another number. We work with you, as part of your team, and part of your family. We may be seen as small potatoes by our competitors. But we’re small potatoes with big results.

By selectively choosing our clientele, and maintaining a smaller staff than many of our competitors, we ensure that you receive the hands-on, individualized attention that you need to make your college as mighty as it can be. You’re important, and we’re invested in you.

We are truly partners in your institution’s success. Every team member at The Parish Group touches your campaign, from photography and design to managing accounts and social media. It’s a family thing.

The Parish Group Challenge:

Let us become your partner in success. Have an open mind. Share your story with us.

Our challenge for you is the same as our challenge for ourselves.

We challenge you to become better. We challenge you to contact us today.