Do you have a strong, consistent brand with recognizable elements (like logo and colors) and lots of loyal followers?

Are you currently going through a rebranding process to reinvigorate your outdated look and website?

Does your school have trouble using consistent fonts, tone, and other visual elements from department to department, year to year?

Wherever your institution stands in its branding efforts, the right imagery and animation in your print and digital communications is always helpful in securing the class you want. For schools whose brand identity isn’t quite secure, it can also be used as the first step in beginning the rebranding process.

Here are a few different admissions video styles you can employ that will help secure your higher education brand in the eyes of your viewers:

1. Text-based Animation

These short and informative videos consist of a voice track laid over text (or sometimes just text and music) that has been animated in Adobe After Effects or a similar program. They can cover your school’s mission, financial aid news, or other information with key terms you wish to stand out. While it’s best to keep them under two minutes for maximum effect, they can be as short as around 15 seconds and still make an impact. Consider creating a series that are customized with your school’s branded design, colors, and fonts.

2. Character-centric Videos

An important piece of your institution’s brand is the atmosphere of the school and any campus “celebrities”. Consider showcasing them – and highlighting other great attributes of your school, like unique programs – through a narrative video. Don’t focus on “talking heads,” but build a story and atmosphere through the video. The right stories can portray your school both as it is and as you want viewers to perceive it.

3. Location-based Videos

Do you believe that one of the best things about your school is the city or town that you’re in and the opportunities that your location adds to the student experience? If that’s true, then show us! But don’t just repost videos from your local visitor’s center. Create videos that highlight your students’ favorite spots around town, perhaps from their perspective. Make a montage or a parody video, like one of our locals did of Asheville. Be creative!

“Asheville-landia” from jason garris on Vimeo.


4. Photo Slideshows/Timelapses

Maybe your school is in this situation: you just hired a photographer to refresh your tired photo archive. Now you have a ton of new images, but don’t have the budget to hire a videographer this year, too. Utilize those great new photos in a photo slideshow! You can even incorporate them with existing video footage, like we did below. Or try your hand at videography by starting with a project that’s relatively hands-off: a campus time lapse. Position your camera at a high point above the middle of campus, and just let it roll.

Higher Education Marketing Communications – The Parish Group from The Parish Group on Vimeo.


5. Short Clips and GIFs

Is your brand more trendy than traditional? Appeal to the hearts of internet-users with something they hold near and dear: GIFs. They will be easier than ever to create thanks to the new animation tool YouTube is testing, and can showcase anything from your best sports moments to a pie in the president’s face during Welcome Week. Is your school branching out to Snapchat to reach students? Find ways to work your brand into short Vine- or Snapchat-style video clips, too.


Need Help with Video Projects?

Powerful photography and video, when used effectively, can help students build connections to campus before they even visit. The Parish Group has an expert team at your disposal that can create anything from social media clips to full video libraries. Contact us today to learn more about our a la carte and bundled video services.