College and university admissions offices must walk a fine line between using traditional sales tactics to close the sale with students, and employing admissions strategies to assist young people faced with making an important life decision. Many offices are left wondering if there’s a comfortable middle ground.

At The Parish Group, we recognize that there are ways to build honest relationships with prospective students while still building your administration’s ideal class. All schools are unique, so the components of these programs may be quite different. But the results should be the same: a class of engaged students who will matriculate and remain engaged alumni.

Ready to give these ideas a try? We’ve recently posted seven admissions strategies for closing the sale with students. Click on the links within each section below to learn more.

Using Great Video to Capture Students’ Attention

When it comes to attracting attention for your campus, nothing is more effective than high-end video that tells a personal story and allows students to immerse themselves in campus. Videos remind previous visitors how beautiful your campus is, while encouraging new students to visit and apply. Post the videos on your website home page, but don’t ignore YouTube as an outlet for recruiting students and closing the sale. Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices, which students are using more and more in their decision-making process.

Developing Dynamic Digital Sites to Crank Your Viewbook up to 11

Dynamic viewbook sites set you above and beyond the competition using online PDF flippers. Among their advantages, digital sites can be optimized for mobile view, are easy to create and update as branding and messaging changes, and offer a range of extra interactive features, like video. Viewbook sites also allow you to link to social media, which leads to increased student engagement across the web. Perhaps most importantly, a dynamic website can be set up with Google Analytics so that any data you need is collected from launch.

Utilizing Student Recruitment Data to Better Segment Messaging

Speaking of data—from college fairs to name buys to campus visits, your admissions team collects a lot of data throughout the year. But how do you make sure your message is reaching the right prospects: students who work hard and believe in the mission of your institution? The first step is to evaluate the data you have and use it to segment your messaging. By targeting certain sublists of prospective students, you can develop variable communications and create a more effective follow-up strategy for counselors.

Designing Effective Admissions Communications to Inspire Applications

An effective admissions communications flow spans multiple channels, including your institutional website, email, social media, and print publications. But with so many messages across so many channels, how can your team prevent students from dropping out of the communications flow mid-stream? Effective admissions communications utilize specific elements throughout the communications cycle to strengthen your communications and help you close the sale with prospective students.

Improving Your Admissions Social Media Strategy to Encourage Engagement

High school students are increasingly looking to social media channels to explore and even make decisions about colleges. Social media has become an important tool in the recruitment funnel, and one that can influence a student’s decision to inquire, apply, and enroll – or not. By utilizing a number of proven techniques, social media messages can be presented in ways that inspire greater engagement among followers across various platforms.

Strengthening Your Admissions Campus Visit Strategy

The best campus visits eliminate anxieties and answer questions students didn’t even know they had. They can also transform a potentially bland and uninspiring experience into one wherein students can envision themselves enrolled there for the next four years. With an effective admissions strategy, your team can take the lead in creating the best campus visit experience while making students feel like they’re still in the driver’s seat.

The Parish Group Can Help You Use these Strategies to Your Advantage

Student search. Lead generation. Closing the sale. Whatever term you use, the goal is the same: admissions and enrollment success.

The Parish Group’s customized search and fulfillment programs bring our client-partners double or triple the return of average national searches, significantly increase campus visits, and double deposit rates within a year of implementation. We work together with your team to create deeper connections that yield BIG admissions results. Click here to learn more about our custom strategies for inquiry and application development that lead to awesome results when closing the sale.