Is success the accumulation of data? Or does it come from mixing the best metric points to achieve your goals?

Many higher education marketing companies sell their successes based on their admissions recruitment metrics. Indeed, metrics are very important to the admissions recruitment funnel and play a crucial role. But collecting as many metrics as possible is not the way to success.

Data can be interesting to analyze and share. For instance, did you know that the average North American child uses 730 crayons by their 10th birthday?

That’s a fun fact to know. But don’t forget that data is only as good as what you intend to use it for. After all, while it’s interesting to know children’s crayon collection habits, how does that inform a crayon company’s next sales quarter?

In much the same way, we know your school requires data and metrics that will help build strong campaigns that bring in the class you seek. Sure, we could help you build search inquiries in all 50 states, but what good is that when only a fraction of those will convert into applied and enrolled students? Yes, we could build interactive dashboards that give you as many real-time metrics as your heart could dream of. But doesn’t your admissions team already have enough on your plates to learn a new dashboard and analyze incoming data in real time?

Creating a successful admissions marketing program is much like building a successful chemistry experiment. You have to know what materials you’re beginning with, but you also have to know in what measures to combine them to get the results you seek.

The Parish Group has worked in admissions marketing for private colleges for nearly 30 years. In that time, we’ve come to understand the needs of schools like yours, as well as the quality and quantity of metrics that help guide you to your school’s unique goals. We don’t clutter your inbox or dashboard with irrelevant data just because we have it. And we certainly don’t provide anything less that what you need for genuine success.

Our experience in higher education and our expertise in marketing and communications guides our approach to your goals. We understand all the data we collect, but we also know which points and metrics are useful to your program and which are not.

Are You Employing the Right Formula?

Worried about getting a positive reaction from your admissions data? The Parish Group understands your needs and can help balance the equation of your program based on the most relevant data for your goals.

We partner with you as an extension of your admissions and marketing offices, creating a give-and-take relationship that depends both on our knowledge of the industry and your knowledge of your students. We create customized campaigns based on your unique qualities and needs, and work with you to analyze the right data as the campaign unfolds, ensuring that our results bring the outcomes you seek.

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