Our expert photography team has practically been on the road every week since August capturing authentic, engaging photography. Those long road trips sometimes mean hotel breakfasts followed by fast food dinners, which can leave a pretty bland taste in our mouths. To spice things up, at least metaphorically, our photography assistant, Gina, strung together some photo sets into fun and dynamic GIFs.

That got us thinking. Not only can GIFs enhance the palette of an average workday. It’s also really easy to spice up your admissions marketing with GIFs and use them to recruit your ideal incoming class. Here’s how:

Add Some Flavor to Your Brand

Your campus is more than a pinch-of-salt location. Add some real flavor to your admissions marketing with GIFs. They’re more simple to make than high-production video, but with all of the appeal. GIFs highlight your campus culture and add humor and personality to your online interactions, especially over social media, which helps you create valuable connections with prospective students.

Bring Students to the Table

GIFs are inherently valuable as calls to action. They attract the eye, then create a point of focus to pull students in. Plus, their unobtrusive nature makes your request seem more natural without coming across as too casual or forgettable. Next time you need a new idea to bring students to the table, consider GIFs as a way to get their tummies rumbling.

Sprinkle them on Everything…Sparingly

GIFs can be used across your digital communications, from your website and student blog to email communications and social media. Once you start sprinkling them into your communications flow, it can be tempting to dump in as much as possible. But be careful not to overseason. Use GIFs when and where they enhance your message, not distract from it.

Don’t Steal Your Special Sauce

It’s tempting to cut corners and use GIFs of popular television and reality show characters with funny captions, but that’s like using McDonald’s special sauce instead of inventing your own. First of all, many of those programs have copyrights that could create some liability issues. But even if those issues never surface, consider your brand. By creating your own university-specific GIFs, you enhance your brand with all the flavor and none of the drama.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Now that even Facebook allows you to post GIFs, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see what great GIFs you create. And if you need help, The Parish Group is here for you. Contact us today to discuss how to include GIFs in our comprehensive or a la carte services.