Strong online videos are helpful in building your school’s brand and closing the sale with students. More importantly, along the way, videos are crucial in helping you build relationships with your prospects. And those relationships are what encourage students to apply, enroll, and thrive in your programs.

There are many types of videos you can create to attract students: program highlights, Homecoming compilations, videos of sports and campus life. These are effective in reminding previous visitors how beautiful your campus is and showing students who can’t visit all the opportunities available. But perhaps the most powerful are the personal narratives—immersive stories about select students that demonstrate the makeup of your student body.

Personal stories give prospects a face to connect with and help immerse them in the unique experiences available on your campus. They are more effective at encouraging new students to visit and apply. And they help students to picture themselves on your campus for the next four (or so) years of their life.

Here are two videos we created for a long-time client-partner of ours. As you view them, imagine yourself as a student interested in the same programs and higher education experience. Do you feel more like you have a stronger relationship with these students—and this school—after watching?


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