Do you like Facebook’s new reaction emojis? Or do you love them? Are you wowed by them? Have they made you angry?

Luckily for all of us, we can now properly express a litany of emotions to a Facebook post without using a single word. The new Facebook reaction emojis give you more options than just the thumbs up “like” to passively interact with your friends. Users now have an additional five emojis from which to choose.

Image source: Facebook

These reactions didn’t pop up lightly. Facebook has been testing them in Ireland and other markets around the world for close to a year. But yesterday’s global rollout gave all of the platform’s 1.04 billion daily users access to the emojis, and users reacted just as you would expect: they tweeted about the change.

At The Parish Group’s office, we went through nearly all of our newly presented emotions when we noticed the big rollout yesterday morning. But instead of taking to rival platforms or scrolling through our feed to “wow” as many posts as possible, we sat back and thought about the implications of the new emojis. Our big question was what do the new emojis mean for your admissions marketing efforts?

Just as with any big social media change, the new features can be used for a wide range of really interesting possibilities: You could hold Facebook photo contests for “loves” or “wows” instead of just likes. You could start weighing the value or success of your posts based on the “like” to “love” ratio. You will likely see higher engagement on certain posts that would not necessarily have merited a “like” but may deserve a “sad”.

However your traffic and engagement changes on Facebook, The Parish Group is here to help. Our comprehensive or a la carte social media services can help you maximize new trends. Just give us a call. In the meantime, we’d love to hear how you reacted to yesterday’s Facebook reaction emoji rollout.