This year, why not build the strongest admissions program your institution has ever seen? Honestly, it won’t be a breeze. But if you stack one strategy on top of the next, and focus on building admissions relationships with one student at a time, we know it can be done.

Are you employing these five relationship-building strategies?

Build Your Counselors’ Skills

A great admissions strategy starts with your team of counselors, and so does relationship building. Believe it or not, the best way for your counselors to increase volume is by focusing on each prospect as an individual. From reviewing client care standards to closing the sale, here are six ways to ensure that your admissions counselors are building effective relationships with prospective students.

Design with Variable Data

College admissions recruitment is about finding the best students to fit a particular campus. These complex relationships require a give and take, so we believe it’s best to design with variable data, which allows you to effectively personalize your messages to your prospects’ interests. Not convinced the strategy is for you? Here are six benefits of variable design in admissions recruitment.

Incorporate Strong Videos

Strong online videos are crucial in helping you build connections with your prospects. Among the many types of videos you can create, the most powerful are the personal narratives: immersive stories about select students that demonstrate the makeup of your student body. View these two videos we created for a long-time client-partner. Do you feel more like you have a stronger relationship with these students—and this school—after watching?

Make the Most of Social Media

Facebook groups are a great way to share information and encourage discussion among a group of people around a given topic. In terms of building rapport and relationships among the students your incoming class, they’re gold. If you’re not already incorporating them into your admissions communications flow, here is a primer on how to create a successful private Facebook group.

Know Your Boundaries

Sometimes the urge to close the sale with students can take your admissions efforts a little too far. In today’s digital environment, the line between personal and professional can look a little cloudy. From follow-up frequency to social media etiquette, we’ve composed this list of admissions relationship-building dos and don’ts, just for you.

Bring on a Partner who Knows about Building Relationships

As you work to meet your admissions goals, The Parish Group is here for you. For nearly 30 years, we have offered direct experience in all aspects of admissions communications campaigns. We understand the needs of higher education institutions and create the solutions that will work for your individual school.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive or a la carte services. Together, we do BIG things.