Fold Your Way To Success

It’s important to make a lasting first impression when recruiting prospective students. If you’re unsure of how to get started, The Parish Group is here to point you in the right direction. Our team of experts handles inquiry and fulfillment for a number of client-partners who appreciate our efficient and expert oversight of complex communication flows.

Want your university to shine? The Parish Group can help make your school’s print communication POP with creative that engages and motivates the student prospect.

It’s important to showcase your school’s unique discriminators from academics to student life, but when it comes to building relationships and attracting students, the first step is catching their eye.

Online, The Foldfactory presents a “60-Second Super-Cool Fold” every week, giving new takes on print communication. Chief Folding Fanatic Trish Witkowski shares the best of her collection on the YouTube series with thousands of subscribers and millions of views. To celebrate their 350th episode, Trish demonstrates the latest and greatest in dielines and folded paper samples with a snake fold creating a hexagon.

After watching the video below, call us and we can discuss how to energize your print communications to engage and enroll students who will graduate and become faithful alumni.

Call us today at 800-765-1074 to learn more about our comprehensive and a la carte services for extraordinary student recruitment.


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