The Parish Group: 30 Years of Helping You Succeed

Every now and again the time comes for a little spring-cleaning, or in this case fall-cleaning, and we must sift through the collections and creations that we couldn’t bring ourselves to discard. Whether you’re cleaning your home or your office, the task of organizing often brings back old memories.

Just recently, our Vice President of Account Services, Eric Bryan, stumbled upon some vintage Parish Group items when going through the office closet. From that treasure chest he found a collection of view books created in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Complete with feathered hair, scrunchies and windbreakers, these finds show how The Parish Group has always been able to remain current throughout the changing times.

Creating awesome view books is just one of the many ways The Parish Group has been able to help schools recruit and enroll students and turn them into faithful alumni. These vintage view books are a testament to the success The Parish Group has found over the past 30 years. The dedicated work and personalized approach in helping your success is what makes The Parish Group unique. Because together we do BIG things.

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