A New Year, a Resolved Focus on Your Admissions Goals

It’s a new year, and that means setting goals and resolutions for the year ahead. We applaud any efforts you make to be a better you. Perhaps you want to be more healthy, learn new things, or foster better relationships in 2020. But we ask you this: Why stop at just improving yourself?

For 2020, resolve to make your admissions programs stronger, as well:

  • Resolve to make your admissions communications plan more healthy.
  • Resolve to learn new skills that you can apply to your admissions efforts.
  • Resolve to foster better relationships with your prospects, applicants, and enrollees.

As you work to meet those resolutions, The Parish Group will be here for you—both on this blog and merely a quick phone call away. For over 30 years, we have worked with selective instutitions, small Christian colleges, HBCUs, regional public universities, and everyone else in between, offering direct experience in all aspects of your campaign, understanding of the needs of higher education institutions, and the solutions that work for your individual school.

The Parish Group works with each client-partner as an extension of their admissions and marketing offices, creating a give-and-take relationship that depends both on our knowledge of the industry and your knowledge of your students. We create customized campaigns based on your unique qualities and needs, and work with you as the campaign unfolds, ensuring that our results bring the outcomes you seek.

It’s easy for us to help you meet your resolutions because we are driven by our passion for your success. Our personalized approach makes The Parish Group unique. We are frequently on campus throughout the year, taking photos and immersing ourselves in your campus culture. We meet your students, faculty, and staff directly, and we create bonds with them.

And when we’re not on campus? We’re still working for you, focused on your admissions communications campaigns all year long. We’re always your strongest supporter.

Together, we will do BIG things.

Contact us today to learn more about how The Parish Group can help you with your admissions resolutions.