We’ve grown with the market. Thirty years later, through all of our adventures, we’ve unearthed a few truths about meeting client needs. These truths run deep within every process at The Parish Group.


are most important.

Yes, we’re hired to do a job, but before jumping right in, we want to understand YOU. You’re the one who understands your school, its needs and its opportunities ahead. When we can understand your thoughts and priorities, we can serve as an extension of your team, keeping first things first throughout the entire process.


is fundamental.

To market your institution in an exceptional way, we must start from the beginning. What do students experience at first blush when they arrive for a campus visit? How does your application process compare to that of your competitors? What is it about your community that makes it unique and worth joining? What will students learn in your classrooms that equips them to change the world? We couple our decades-long field experience with the ability to see your school through fresh eyes. This allows us to discover new opportunities for messaging, improvement and growth that are an exact fit for your institution.

Joint success

requires partnership.

We are committed to and passionate about the success of our client-partners. Your deadlines are our deadlines; your goals are our goals. We make it a point to invest in the life of your community, immersing ourselves in your campus culture and creating bonds with students, faculty and staff. On any given task, we don’t see ourselves as The Parish Group and you as The School. Instead, we see us as one united team, one family. It’s amazing how that shift in perception sets the groundwork for common goals and joint success.

A commitment to perfection

is priceless.

Our thirty-year history is riddled with all-nighters, working on copy for an article that has to make it in tomorrow’s publication, checking the press every two hours with a magnifying glass, editing video reels for an admissions event or even waiting in an airport to visit a favorite client-partner. And we wouldn’t change a thing. Our name goes behind every job we complete and every service we provide. We echo Henry Royce’s sentiment, “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”