How do you go about making big decisions that will affect your institution’s success in the marketplace? Do you fit the mold, follow the crowd and the precedent set before you? Or do you like to shake things up, turn stuff on its head, throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks? 

Positive leadership requires a lot of internal reflection. You must investigate how you lead and in what ways this may be helping (or hurting!) your institution’s pathway to success. 

A good leader is a good listener. 

Listen. Get the facts first. Only then can you make an informed decision that has your school’s best interest in mind. 

True partnership occurs when both parties listen to each other, ask questions, and make suggestions based on specific needs. 

Don’t rely on boilerplate responses from Enrollment 101 or what’s worked for your competition.


Because your school is uniquely yours. Sure, there might be colleges and universities comparable, but no two schools are the same. So why should their strategies be identical? 

We know in our hearts every institution is different with a unique story to share. So let’s share it.  

For over three decades, we’ve observed schools that take advantage of their identity and refuse to follow the crowd. Ones that prioritize customer service. Ones that always have a unique answer to the question:

Why is your school the best fit for me? 

These are the institutions that find success. Because they listen, both internally and externally. They reflect. They innovate, not based on the success of anyone else. They lead their own charge. 

Kind of like The Parish Group—30 years of extraordinary leadership in higher ed marketing innovation, and lasting partnerships. 

It’s time to chat. Let’s find that secret sauce… because together, we do BIG things.