For our August Employee Spotlight, we are featuring the talented Meredith Rushing. Owner of Rushing Associates based out of Orlando, Florida, Meredith is an essential part of our TPG crew.

What is your role at The Parish Group?

I am the Creative Director and Photographer.

When did you start working with The Parish Group? 

I began working with The Parish Group in 1999… 23 years ago!

What’s your favorite memory at The Parish Group?

The photo shoots are always fun. I love working with and getting to know some of the students on college campuses.

After shooting for High Point several years in a row, a student came up to Bill and I and told us how much he appreciated us taking his photo when he was a freshman. His image was one used on a large banner on campus. He said his mother was so proud to see him whenever she drove past, and would take out-of-town family by to see his image when they came to visit.

Another student at Campbell University found out we shared the same first name early in her college career, and for the next 4 years would yell a greeting to me from wherever she was when she saw me.

Another would share her goals and her successes with us as she matriculated into Pharmacy school.

Bill and I made a lot of great connections with students, professors, as well as leadership on many of the college campuses.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on at The Parish Group?

Every new project is my favorite project.

What would we most likely find you doing outside of work?

Open water, long distance swimming if the water is warm enough… designing greeting cards, spending time with family and friends, and traveling to foreign (and domestic) lands whenever possible.

What does higher education mean to you?