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Maryann Parish

Maryann is the financial leader of The Parish Group. She is the fiscal manager and institutional advocate for all partner projects. She tracks and audits time, expenses, budgets, vendors, and all production costs. She also manages and controls mailing and postage expenses for fulfillment projects. Her attention to detail and efficiency is appreciated by our client-partners.

President | Co-Founder | CFO

Award winning ad agency owner, master gardener, world traveler, Riley’s human.

Bill Parish

Based on a successful advertising photography practice, specializing in professional and student recruitment, Bill Parish co-founded The Parish Group in 1988. His skill and leadership in evaluating, targeting, and capturing the university student experience have led to three decades of growth, innovation, and measurable success for client-partners.

Co-Founder |
Senior Vice President of Creative Services |
Lead Photographer

Former Ansel Adams assistant, landscape and lifestyle art photographer, Maryann’s ride or die, and ringmaster of inspiration.

Eric Bryan

Eric provides oversight of The Parish Group’s business development, research and analytical teams, digital strategies, and new-student search campaigns. For over 25 years, Eric has provided enrollment consultation to schools across the United States. His predictive analytics and vast knowledge of student recruitment funnel optimization have resulted in increased yield, record enrollments and new market development for institutions of various sizes and selectivity.

Senior Vice President of Enrollment Strategies

Former college football letterman, race car driver, aspiring abstract floral painter, and vintage motorcycle builder.

Roger Jones

Roger has a long history and in-depth experience in higher education that make him a valued enrollment partner. He has been a part of the transformation of the industry, having started his enrollment management career in the mid 90s. Roger has served in multiple roles in conjunction with mid-size, public, public research, community college, and private liberal arts institutions.

Assistant Vice-President of Partner Development

DJ, believes no suit is complete without a bow-tie and Jordans.

Valeria Tezzon, PhD.

Originally from Italy, Dr. Valeria Tezzon taught Humanities and Classical Studies for several years at UNC Asheville. Prior to joining The Parish Group, Valeria worked as an Account Coordinator for a home design company and a Product Manager for a content generation platform. At The Parish Group, Valeria is in charge of coordinating project life-cycles and utilizing organization to contribute to the success of our partner schools’ campaigns.

Project Manager

Former slalom kayak racer, crosswords lover, and polyglot (it’s not all Greek to her!)


Candace has a 13-year history with undergraduate admissions marketing. She first partnered with The Parish Group while working as Director of Interactive Media and Marketing at High Point University. During her time at HPU, she created a strategic plan for website migration and increased social media engagement by over 3,000 percent. Her working knowledge of market research, the admissions process, multichannel marketing campaigns, and targeted brand messaging is a vital asset to our client-partners.

Assistant Vice-President of Enrollment Strategies and Communications

Fan of decoy wrapping, slipping in obscure movie quotes, good shrubberies, and color-coded closets.


Marcus Webb

With over a decade of enrollment management experience for both public and private institutions, Marcus touts the intersection of the philosophical components of enrollment with the data driven. Having served in various capacities related to strategic enrollment management, recruitment, net-revenue generation, communication, data analytics, multi-platform CRM development and optimization, and financial aid leveraging, Marcus seeks opportunities to create solutions for the constantly evolving challenges of the enrollment landscape

Vice President of Enrollment Analytics | Chief Slate Strategist

Serial pragmatist, resident scowler, occasional ice climber, and amateur jiu-jitsu enthusiast.

Carrie Stanley

Carrie started her professional career in the admissions office at Henderson State University. Little did she know that she was going to fall in love with admissions and enrollment management. Holding a variety of positions during her five years at HSU, Carrie most recently served as Slate captain for undergraduate, graduate, and international admissions. As The Parish Group’s Slate Strategist, Carrie aims to help other institutions optimize their Slate CRM to maximize enrollment efforts.

Slate Strategist

Full-time mom and chaos coordinator, defying gravity with a wicked love for Broadway musicals and heavy metal.

Molly Robinson

Molly is a Slate strategist with vast knowledge of enrollment management. Having served as the director of admissions operations at two top liberal arts institutions, Molly uses her extensive technology acumen to assist partner institutions to leverage data to best meet the needs of their enrollment goals.

Slate Consultant

Yale alum, Slate pro, recent MBA graduate.


Julia holds an MFA in Creative Writing from North Carolina State University and a BA in English from Florida State University. Originally from Atlanta, Julia migrated to North Carolina to teach, first in elementary school, then into first year college writing. Her love of writing and research spans both creative and technical. Following her pedagogical career, she began working in digital marketing with a focus on social media strategy and technical writing before joining The Parish Group. Julia runs the internal marketing for The Parish Group as well as our social media presence.

Director of Marketing
and Social Media

Published poetry and prose writer, sriracha advocate, former pop punk kid, always finding ways to mention her dogs.


Tez Garcia

Tez is a Graphic Designer who values meaningful design and creativity. Specializing in print and website design, she takes pride in being able to turn someone’s vision into a reality. As a first generation college graduate from Appalachian State University, she continually strives for success and personal growth.

Web & Graphic Designer

Amateur mycologist, part-time potter, and a hacky sack lovin’ deadhead.


Jim Schlimmer

Jim has served as a Chief Enrollment Officer for nine colleges across seven states over four decades. He has been responsible for administering the financial aid recruitment processes and creating financial aid modeling systems to optimize first-year and returning students’ revenue streams. He firmly believes enrollment plans should be discernible, transparent, and include trackable KPIs. At The Parish Group, Jim serves as the guru for all things enrollment analytics.

Director of Enrollment Analytics

Data nerd, believes in the power of a good spreadsheet, loves tennis and bicycling. 

Meredith Rushing

Meredith is an exceptional, award-winning but client-focused designer with over 35 years of experience in educational recruitment and corporate design. As lead art director for The Parish Group, she provides creative direction for her team as well as hands-on graphic design for client-partners. In her additional role as a second photographer on photo shoots, she embraces the opportunity to interact directly with students as well as professors.

Art Director | Lead Designer | Photographer

Long distance, open water swimmer with an obsession for creating architectural paper sculptures and traveling the world in her spare time.

Andraya Avery

With extensive knowledge in both web (and print) graphic design, Andraya ensures that brand identity and user experience remain consistent into the digital aspect of every project. Her tasks include creating and maintaining search microsites, developing and editing digital content, overseeing and designing email campaigns, and managing The Parish Group’s digital engagement campaigns. She strives to provide the best solution for clients’ needs and is always willing to expand her knowledge on the latest trends and applications.

Lead Web Designer | Digital Communications Specialist

Left-handed horror and special effects aficionado who plays video games and longboards in her spare time.

Joaris Manning

Joaris (Jo) was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States with her family when she was young. In her first life, Jo was an architect, but along the way she realized that graphic design was the most enjoyable part of her work. She returned to school and earned a degree in graphic design. Now, Jo has nearly a decade of experience designing in the print/production world as well as in the online arena.

Graphic Designer

Originally from Puerto Rico, former architect, graphic designer of awesomeness. 

Riley Parish

Riley is the mascot for The Parish Group. He protects Maryann from potential intruders and bad business deals. Ever the high-energy worker, Riley makes sure that every toy is utilized to its fullest potential and every couch is ergonomically suitable.

K9 Resources | Mascot | VP of Zoomies

One-eyed, bear chasing, doggy daycare exile and lover of his stuffed octopus.

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