Reason for Partnership:

Morehouse sought to build sustainable increases in its year over year applicant pool in order to set a new baseline for long-term enrollment growth. Having not previously done strategic student search, there was a need to coalesce strategy and supplement Morehouse’s traditional applicant pipelines.

“The Parish Group team has provided service above and beyond the scope of our agreement, working with us to maintain productivity to leadership transition, assisting with Slate optimization to improve student engagement, and helping orient new admissions recruiters to the lifecycle of the enrollment process.”

T.J. Snowden | Chief of Staff to the President, Morehouse College

TPG’s Approach:

Launching a multi-year inquiry and application generation campaign, cultivating senior prospects, while building a new sophomore and junior baseline was initially key to attaining Morehouse’s vision for the early stages of growth. Having implemented, yet not fully realized their Slate instance, TPG also helped Morehouse with Slate development to introduce a streamlined application process, personalized fulfillment communications, and enhance reporting capabilities.

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