In this world of YouTubers and Instagram influencers one thing is certain: messaging matters.

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, institutions must be keenly aware of their messaging — the what, the why, the when and the what the fudge element.

So much of your content has been carefully designed to run on autopilot. Emails are generating at pre-established intervals, the website is auto-updating its calendar of upcoming events and social media is flying out through timed release.  A+ on getting all of that set up.

But what was A+ work last month really might not fit today’s needs and expectations.

In fact, it could come off as downright inappropriate or ridiculous.

If students see your messaging and say What the Fudge? we want them to be remarking on how timely, helpful and thoughtful you are. No one needs a What the Fudge! response for getting stuck in a loop on your admissions site or being pushed to visit campus during a pandemic.

Update Your Messaging

There’s a good chance that some of your applied/accepted students are willing to give you a minute to update your messaging. You’ve established a good reputation with these guys and have some relationship capital to spend.

But remember, there are a lot of other eyes on you right now.

Junior prospects are watching to see how you manage the current crisis and what it means for them. High school guidance counselors are hoping for information on how to plan for the sake of their students. Parents are judging your reaction time and determining how safe they feel about sending precious cargo your way in the future.

Trying to scour your full set of messaging is quite a task when you’re already juggling a billion other things and your staff is working from home. (Or at least you hope they are.)

But here are some tips for most visible messages to double-check and turn over for IT or vendors to get rewritten on the double:

  • Event calendars posted online, including the University calendar as well as the admissions calendar
  • Calls to action regarding scheduling a campus visit
  • Academic calendars posted for 2020-2021
  • Orientation/move-in schedules
  • Commencement details
  • Confirmed, updated contact numbers

Need a hand? We can comb through your website, social media platforms and scheduled digital content to get you some extra peace of mind.

Let us know how to be the best partner we can for you!