Meet Bill Parish, the co-founder of The Parish Group. Bill serves as the Vice-President of Creative Solutions and our Lead Photographer.

Based on a successful advertising photography practice specializing in professional and student recruitment, The Parish Group was co-founded by Bill in 1987. His skills and leadership in evaluating, targeting, and capturing the university student experience have led to three decades of growth, innovation, and measurable success for our client-partners.

As creative director and lead photographer, he ensures that there is no lost communication between partner institutions and The Parish Group creative and production teams.

To get to know the man behind the company name, we asked Bill a few questions.

One-on-One with Bill Parish

In your time with The Parish Group, what has been your favorite memory?

One of my favorite memories is the design and restoration of our loft office space in the historic legal Building in downtown Asheville.

Similar vein— what’s your favorite project that you’ve been a part of at The Parish Group?

All of our projects are my favorite and I’ll tell you why. Each college and university we work with is not only a client, but a partner; therefore every project we do is unique and custom fit to each campus’s community and culture.

Okay, here’s a non-work related question. What would we most likely find you doing in your free time?

Traveling and shooting fine art photography, restoring vintage pinball machines, or cooking.

Finally, education is at the core of what we do here. What does higher education mean to you? 

As a higher ed marketer, my mantra, charge, task, and mission revolves around the opportunities offered by institutions to benefit their students. I have experienced the success of students recruited and engaged with our programs for over three decades.

Want to learn more on how The Parish Group can accelerate your enrollment? Contact us at or call our office at 828-505-3000.