In our last blog, we talked about the importance of professional development within an admissions team. After all, a well-trained, happy team makes for a successful unit. Part of that development is to ensure critical knowledge is distributed from top to bottom. 

Specifically, we’ve seen instances (pun absolutely intended) of upper level administrators with a comprehensive grasp of the enrollment funnel within Technolutions Slate, while some counselors are kept (unintentionally) on the periphery when it comes to territory performance in their CRM.

As preferred partners of Slate, we see the full potential of the product when used efficiently, both in upper level management and front-facing staff like admissions counselors. When we encourage counselors to take ownership of their territory and give them the tools to visualize performance, both accountability and opportunity to leverage outcomes increase.

Territory Management Ownership

Slate makes it easy to cultivate and deepen your relationships with both prospective students and school contacts within a geographic territory. Even the setup for a recruitment team’s territories themselves is simple.

If there is a data point captured more or less anywhere — a test score import, a high school transcript, a visit registration, a long Ping session on your financial aid webpage — it can be leveraged as an indicator of interest and a mechanism to connect.  Putting these data points together in a consumable fashion for territory managers is important to foster a culture of their use.

Data from Slate can not only show you everything you need to know about a particular school before you visit, but how that school has produced for you in the past, how ACS data predicts it might in the future, and many other useful nuggets of information in between.

Slate has various performance metrics that can help you assess what aspects of your enrollment strategy are working well. It also can tell you where within your territory these approaches are successful, as well as help identify what areas need more energy or a different methodology. 

By letting Slate and the data do the heavy lifting, you can better understand the overall picture of performance metrics, giving you better insight to fuel your territory with informed autonomy and accountability. 

Utilizing Data on the Go 

Slate has amazing mobile capabilities. Even when you are away from a computer, it is accessible on your phone making it essential for counselors during travel season.  Just a quick glimpse prior to a private visit into key metrics about your audience significantly improves rapport and relationship development potential.

Smarter = Stronger 

When the knowledge of a CRM is distributed throughout a team, it saves time and money. Strategy implementation conversations will be more productive and this expertise can increase an employee’s professional potential.  The more a counselor understands the structure, ebb and flow, and rationale behind their part in managing a territory, the more clear the operation of the whole enrollment funnel becomes.  And with that knowledge comes the opportunity to improve and grow.

By ensuring this part of the engine is well-oiled, the opportunity for a counselor (and an enrollment team) to see how all the pieces of the enrollment management funnel puzzle begin to fit together becomes that much more tangible.

Enhance Your Slate Integration with The Parish Group

If you’re looking to better integrate Slate into your enrollment strategy, The Parish Group has extensive experience and expertise in incorporating the CRM software into a successful admissions funnel. As Slate Preferred Partners, we can help your institution become Slate superstars. 

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