Enrollment managers know that a student’s acceptance into a college or university is not the end of the funnel. Now you must harness data and outreach towards yield, with hopes that this student will not only walk on campus come fall, but graduate from your institution in a few years time.

But getting to that point requires a lot of legwork. Luckily, there’s a CRM primed to help you get there.

We’re huge cheerleaders of Technolutions Slate—and not just because we’re a Slate Preferred Partner. Its capabilities are designed to make an enrollment manager’s job easier. When it comes to managing the post-admit enrollment process, we’ve got the lowdown on how Slate makes it a little less stressful. 

Let’s dive in. 

Centralized Data

In Slate, you can have all your data in one centralized place. 

Think about it: clean and consistent data, with the ability to build reports in Slate. This means you can be data-confident when you share your reports with other campus partners like administrators, advancement, student housing, and financial aid. This centralized data in Slate creates an improved data governance system by being the only source of all of this data.

Slate holds all the necessary information to build reports to keep you from spinning plates with data split between Slate and other outside sources. No shattered glass clean-up necessary. 

Not only does having all of this data centralized in Slate make reporting easier, but it also can improve your institution’s data security. By cutting out the need for a data transfer from the various campus departments, your data is less likely to be compromised or intercepted by an unauthorized party. 

Cross Department Communication

If you’ve ever struggled to collaborate with other departments on campus to collect data related to their post-admit enrollment process, you are not alone. It’s a common struggle that many higher ed enrollment offices face each cycle. 

Gathering the necessary data is hard and time-consuming; however, Slate has the power to mitigate or eliminate this hassle. 

Data exports can be set up to run automatically throughout the day so that other departments can access the data without huge time gaps. If certain departments aren’t interested in that set up, you can build custom permissions for them to access Slate, where they’ll have their own review process established and the ability to access the data at any time.

This eliminates the back-and-forth and keeps the data flow consistent. Plus accessing data in real time means you don’t have to wait overnight for processes to run. 

Imagine this: a student reaches out to the admissions office to ask questions related to post-admit processes. The admissions office has access to the information they need to answer those questions rather than having to transfer them to another department on campus, eliminating an extra, unnecessary step.

By moving the data collection of this data, you can improve your institution’s customer service to prospective students.

Form Customization

In the realm of higher ed marketing and enrollment management, customization is king. 

Slate lets you create custom forms for housing applications, scholarship applications, or intent to enroll response forms. Slate’s Event Tool even gives you the ability to host new student orientation registration, send reminders and event updates, and track event attendance all in one place. 

Even further, you can create custom fields and prompts within these forms which allows this data to live within the student’s Slate record. Plus, you can use the data collected from these forms or event registrations to satisfy an item on a custom post-admit checklist or drive targeted email and text communications—because we all know students need a little nudge every now and then. 

You can also display the post-admit checklist within the student’s application status portal so the students can see what actions are left in order to be fully enrolled. 

If you move one or all of these post-admit processes into Slate, it’ll cut out the need for yet another third party source. Who doesn’t love to make things easier AND save money? 

How The Parish Group Can Optimize Your Instance

Let’s face it. It’s a relief to cut through any red tape other departments might bind you with. 

At The Parish Group, our Slate team is more than IT; it’s enrollment managers with decades of experience in higher ed. In building and optimizing instances, we utilize that background and strategy. And we’re all about getting these operations in motion to build a foundation for your success. 

We’re happy to get you set up and well on your way to a smooth post-admit enrollment journey, from matriculation to graduation to happy (and generous!) alumni. 

If you’re ready to make your job a whole lot easier, give us a shout at success@parishgroup.com or call our office at 828.505.3000. 

Together we do BIG Things.