Managing athletic populations within Slate can be quite the balancing act, especially with the sheer number of student-athletes vying for spots in Division I, II, and III athletics across the United States. 

Enrollment managers are the unsung heroes in this arena, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of aspiring stars like Bryce Young and Camille Hobby. 

As enrollment professionals, we walk a fine line with assisting students through the admission process while also respecting the efforts of coaches who are actively recruiting for their rosters.

So, how does Slate fit into the equation?

Slate offers a multitude of features designed to aid admission representatives and enrollment managers as they navigate the complex world of athletic recruiting. With everyone keen to avoid stepping on toes, there are numerous strategies an admission office can employ to support coaches’ efforts rather than impede them.

Amplify Communications, Don’t Repeat Them

Let’s start by acknowledging that every coach has their own playbook when it comes to recruiting. Some prefer to slide into students’ DMs on X (Twitter), while others leave it to the admissions office to handle the bulk of communication. 

With students already bombarded by calls, emails, and snail mail from countless institutions, the challenge is clear: How do you make your school stand out?

One approach is to amplify communication rather than duplicate it. Instead of parroting coaches’ messages, enrollment managers can use Slate to supplement them. By crafting campaigns that showcase different facets of campus life, such as clubs, student-faculty relationships, or study abroad opportunities, you can capture students’ interest beyond just the athletic realm.

Campaign messaging is just a small slice of the communication pie that students receive. So crafting messages that truly resonate with a wide range of students demands both sharp writing skills and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Athletes are known for being heavily involved on college campuses, so what else can we communicate about to keep their interest peaked? 

Sure, coaches are out there talking about student life and financial aid, but imagine the impact when students hear directly from those departments themselves. It’s like getting a personalized shout-out from different corners of campus, showing students that it’s not just about scoring goals or making baskets—it’s about a community that’s rooting for their success, every step of the way.

Tags, Tags, Tags

When we talk about managing student-athlete populations in Slate, we can’t overlook the importance of athletic recruit tags. 

These tags benefit both coaches and enrollment managers, providing a real-time status update on each student. Whether there’s an admissions liaison working closely with athletics or a dedicated enrollment counselor on the case, adding the athletic recruit tag for those high-priority students can streamline decision-making processes across the board.

Think of it this way: for admission counselors, seeing that tag might bring a sense of relief—Hey, I’m not the only one reaching out to this student! Meanwhile, for the operations team, it’s like having an extra pair of hands on deck for bringing in enrollment documents. 

But beyond just facilitating communication, these tags spark a chain reaction of thoughts and actions that are vital for effectively managing student-athlete populations in Slate.

And let’s not forget the hidden power of these tags—they’re not just labels; they’re data goldmines. Whether it’s identifying first-gen athletes, differentiating between U.S. and international recruits, or pinpointing those interested in STEM fields, the insights they provide are invaluable. The query ability of tags within Slate can help to inform many other areas of data analysis.


And then there’s Slate’s Voyager tool. With its geospatial representation of historical enrollment data, Voyager helps identify untapped pockets of potential recruits. By visualizing clusters on a map, even our not-so-tech-savvy colleagues can navigate the data landscape with ease. 

Plus, its customizable features extend far beyond athletics, making it a versatile tool for any enrollment strategy.

We’ve got more insight on the importance of geographic markets and Slate’s Voyager tool here!

How do I take the first step?

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