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7 Admissions Strategies for Closing the Sale with Students

2017-03-08T16:11:49-05:00May 21st, 2015|Admissions Tips, Higher Education Data & Resources, Higher Education Marketing & Design, Social Media for Admissions, The Internet & Mobile Technology|

College and university admissions offices must walk a fine line between using traditional sales tactics to close the sale with students, and employing admissions strategies to assist young people faced with making an important life […]

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Using Great YouTube Videos to Recruit Students and Close the Sale

2017-03-08T16:11:50-05:00March 19th, 2015|Higher Education Search, Social Media for Admissions, The Internet & Mobile Technology|

When it comes to closing the sale with prospective students, nothing is more effective than a truly great college admissions video.

Your average YouTube cat video or blooper reel won’t do. We’re talking high-end, personal-story, immerse-yourself-in-the-campus-experience […]

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