College admissions recruitment is about finding the best students to fit a particular campus.

We believe that the best way to do that is to focus on building relationships. And since relationships require a give and take, it’s best for the publications created to benefit both the school and the students receiving them.

When considering incorporating variable design into your printed admissions publications, here are a half dozen benefits to consider— some benefits to you, some to your prospective students:

Benefits to Your School:

  • You’re Using Your Data

Be proud that you’re putting all the data you’ve collected to good use. Your president sure will!

By focusing on variable data publications, you are better able to target students from specific locations and backgrounds, which can help you meet your long-term admissions goals.

  • It’s More Effective

This is the whole point, right? Variable data allows you to use copy and imagery that works for each student on an individual level.

This makes your publications more attractive and more engaging. And students who are engaged are more likely to follow your communications through the funnel to application, acceptance, and enrollment.

  • You Can Incorporate Print with Digital

Get creative with your variable data.

Maybe mention in your search letter to Jared that he’s already received three emails but you haven’t seen him hit reply. Or tell Karen that you saw she clicked on the intramurals section of your site, so you thought she’d like this brochure.

Benefits for Prospective Students:

  • It Feels Personal

By incorporating even a few spots of variable data, you’re personalizing your publications in a way that directly appeals to your prospects.

Students receive a lot of college mail, so targeting their specific academic and extracurricular interests lets them know that you’re a school they should be paying attention to.

  • It Feels Natural

This generation of incoming college students is used to seeing communications personalized, from emails with their name at the top to custom ads on Instagram.

By bringing variable data into printed mail, you’re meeting them where they feel comfortable, which helps build a successful recruiting relationship for them as well as for you.

  • It’s Immediate

Instead of asking students to weed through a bunch of generic, anonymous publications before they make a “direct” connection to your school, variable publications place them right into center field.

They know that students from New England do well at your school because you’ve already sent them testimonials from out-of-state students.

They know that their individual faith will be nurtured because your campus representative reached out.

Need Help Developing Variable Design?

At The Parish Group, our mission is your success. And that success means bringing benefits not only to you, but to your recruits, as well.

If you need help developing variable design, then we are here for you. Contact us today about our comprehensive or a la carte services.