For over 30 years, The Parish Group has provided full-service and à la carte tools for higher education institutions to recruit and enroll students and turn them into faithful alumni.

In that time, our client partners have included selective institutions, small Christian colleges, HBCUs, regional public universities, and everyone else in between, offering direct experience in all aspects of your campaign, understanding of the needs of higher education institutions, and the solutions that work for your individual school.

We are a private, independently owned company. We don’t answer to shareholders or a printing company or a marketing conglomerate.

What drives us is our passion for your success. Our personalized approach makes The Parish Group unique.

We are frequently on your campus throughout the year, taking photos and immersing ourselves in your campus culture. We meet your students, faculty, and staff directly, and we create bonds with them.

The Parish Group Philosophy

The Parish Group believes in:

  • Exceptional service

It’s vital in an overcrowded industry that promises, but frequently fails to deliver, increased inquiries, applications, enrollment, and retention.

  • Higher education

The landscape of higher education is changing, but its core function captivates societal contributions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Savvy design

It’s priceless, but it’s useless without effective messaging that delivers on genuine promises.

  • Expanding marketing opportunities

Traditional marketing channels are a mainstay, but emerging digital marketing opportunities are powerfully irresistible.

  • Enduring client-partner interaction

Our lasting relationships with our client-partners mirror the relationships you’re looking to form with prospective students and their families.

  • Our ability to attract young minds

Rest assured their bodies soon follow.

  • You

We know firsthand how hard you work to be the best for your prospects.

The Parish Group can be the best for your institution. As our tagline says: “Together, we do BIG things.”

We’re Focused on Your Needs and What We Can Do—Together

Passion. Personality. Relationships. These are the techniques you use to develop relationships with your students.

We use those same techniques to create lasting relationships with you.

That’s why at The Parish Group we say, together we do BIG things.

Contact us today to learn more about our individual or comprehensive services.